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The perfect wooden ship
Credit: National Geographic Society, © Institute for Exploration
The top of a 35-foot-tall mast comes into view under the bright lights of the towed image sled Argus. The mast stands upright on a wooden ship found intact 1,000 feet below the surface of the Black Sea, 1,500 years after the ship was built.

On a Previous Mission...

The following dispatch was supplied by Dr. Fredrik Hiebert, Chief Archaeologist of the Black Sea 2000 Expedition.

Since the report of the discovery of the habitation site (site 82) and its initial reporting the following has happened: We were granted permission from the Turkish authorities to move to a further stage of investigation - sampling and actual testing of some of our observations. Thus, when we went in and investigated the site further, we found that suggested mud slabs were actually stone, and that the suggested stone artifacts were actually wood, etc. We now have samples from the site which we collected. (They are in my refrigerator at the moment.) I am sending them for scientific analysis.

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